Operating Rooms & Patient Prep Areas are now state-of-the-art, yet many prep processes continue to use medically unsafe, non-hygienic, commercial shaving razors to prepare patients. Sometimes even before critical, life-saving procedures. RazorEx skin Surgical Prep Razor is safe, hygienic, sterile, Medical Product that is scientifically designed to give you a clean & convenient patient prepping experience.

Surgical skin prep razor is a premium stainless steel edge and presents a hygienic & medically safe Hospital Shaver to prep your patients. RazorEx skin prep razors are safe, hygienic, sterile, Hospital Supplies that are scientifically designed to give you a clean & convenient patient prepping experience.  Most of our products are Hospital Consumables, used during surgeries – with regular usage and have a recurring demand. Our products stand out for their excellence. We also dispense high quality Tattoo supplies and Razor blades for Tattoo.


“Biocompatible, Sterile, Individually packed, certified Medical Product.”

The unique long handle design allows for an effortless glide over skin contours.

The laser sharp, stainless steel cutting edge delivers a clean prep area, in a single pass, without the risk of cuts or nicks.

The comb teeth contraption, preceding the cutting edge, helps detangle all curves & avoid painful hair pulls.

razorex blade 2

The dotted grip handle provides a firm, precise grip while allowing the razor to move smoothly over the skin surface without the need to apply excessive pressure.

The wider viewing window provides an unfettered view of the area under prep.

Can be used without the sticky Shaving Gel or Foams.




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