Medical Shaver

Medical Shaver


RazorEx was developed with an aim to provide a smooth, sharp and highest quality medical grade razor. The Medical Shaver with its functional and unique design encompasses the healthcare sector’s requirements for a high standard of safety and hygiene for pre-operational procedures. The handle being positioned in front of the blade, allows the razor to smoothly glide over the skin, without need for any pressure and thus minimising the risk of cuts.


Key Features:

• Sterility
o The ensure the maximum hygiene and patient safety, the razor is packed in a sterile pouch that not only ensures the sensitivity of the OT but also checks on the reuse of the product.

• Perfect grip and full control:
o The ribbed handle of the Medical Shaver ensures a steady control and an efficient grip. The visual opening gives complete control over the area being prepped.

• The contour of the body
o Due to its design, it naturally follows the contour of the body giving best results at minimal efforts and guaranteed safety.

• Highest Quality
o The razor is made up of the finest quality razor blade that flawlessly shaves the area without any cuts or skin irritation.

• Hygienic
o The comb on the razor ensures a clog free shave and also ensures a foam free smooth shave.

Medical Shaver
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