Disposable Razor for Women

Skin Prep Razor:-


The Skin Prep Surgical Razor are an essential part in terms of medical stance when the skin needs to be prepared for surgery or testing. Disposable body shaver is an important tool when preparing the patient before a surgery. Though the operating rooms and medical procedures are as advanced as the demand of the modern times, yet it is never too late to ensure the safety and hygiene of patients in every way possible. RazorEx Disposable Prep Razor is a premium quality razor that is safe, hygienic and sterile offering a 100% assurance for any surgical preparation. The surgical blades provide accurate sharpness that does not cause any infection or irritation in the area’s vicinity. The premium stainless steel of these Disposable Skin Blade is medically tested and proven for safety. Hospital Shaving Razor has a wide handle and a perfect grip as well as full control. The Shave Prep Razor can be used on delicate skin giving easy flexibility in shaving as per the smoothness and contours of the body’s angles and curves. At Razorex, we also dispense high quality disposable razors for women to get a clean and close shave with just a single stroke. It is easy-to-use and gives a clean & smooth shave gliding  easily on your skin.

Specification Details:-


  • Wide handle with a firm grip.
  • Gives the safest shave in curved areas.
  • Maintains hygiene with Stainless steel and Latex free material.
  • Sterile product.
  • The viewing window provides perfect view of the area under prep.
  • Can be used without the sticky gel or foam.
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